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Regulatory Info     Application Requirements
CDK International Manpower Services Corporation is a licensed land-based recruitment agency under License Number POEA-004-LB-011011-R.

( Photocopied documents only)
- School Credentials
-Employment Certificate and NBI Clearance
- Valid Passport and 2 pcs 2X2 picture
-1 whole body picture
-1 long brown envelope

*2 sets if applying in our Main Branch
*3 sets if applying in our Cebu Branch

Recruitment and Selection  
The Agency has a systematic manner and thorough approach toward recruitment and selection. A recruitment specialist takes into account not only the candidates’ technical competence and attitude toward work, but also the clients’ background and operations to ensure suitability or the perfect match.
Field work, newspaper advertisements, word-of-mouth, headhunting and personnel mobilization ensure massive sourcing for the Agency’s manpower pool data bank.
The Agency continually replenishes pre-qualified and screened applicants in its data bank, ensuring an updated list of available skilled workers appropriate for most client needs.
Preliminary Interview
Technical specialists determine the capabilities of each applicant via one-on-one interviews to ascertain who are most qualified and fit for the employer’s final selection.
Final Interview
Client representatives interview the candidates and finalize acceptance or non-acceptance. Working conditions are disclosed and terms of engagement are discussed.
Medical & Psychological Tests
Accepted applicants must pass Medical & Psychological Examinations conducted by accredited medical clinics.
Trade Tests
When necessary, technical capabilities of applicants are tested by Trade Test Centers duly accredited by the National Manpower & Youth Council.
Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar
A POEA requirement, accredited Centers inform workers of the customs, cultural expectations and conditions in their host country.

Pre-Departure Briefing
As a value-added service, the Recruitment and Operations Manager conducts a special pre-departure briefing to prepare workers for the demands of a new work environment, and reiterate the code of behavior, laws and ethics in their host countries.

Ticketing & Airline Reservation
The Agency provides ticketing and airline reservation service for both workers and principals.

Airport Assistance
The Agency provides airport assistance for all accepted candidates, especially those who are going out of the country for the first time.
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